Whispers of Guidance

Foundational MeditationHaving agreed to help a friend with a dreaded project, I cleared my calendar and put in weeks of research on his behalf. At the very last minute, 11:30 pm the night before our appointment, he texted to postpone it all until the next week, with no explanation.

Had this happened even a week earlier, I would have been really irritated with him, since I had rearranged my life to help him. I might even have fallen into the “He always” trap.

But this was also the week my brother-in-law shattered his back in a ski accident, his life changing in an instant. Everything pales before it. Nothing else seems that all-fired important anymore.

He says his accident happened because they didn’t listen to their Guidance saying, “Enough, you’re tired, go home now.” And also because of things he had asked Guidance for (Remember the saying, “Be careful what you ask for?”).

I wouldn’t be surprised if there had been more subtle ongoing messages he hadn’t acted on as well…simply because that seems to be the way of life.

No way I could possibly count the number of times I didn’t listen to my own Guidance, nor those far-reaching times I asked for help sincerely but without understanding the possible ramifications.

So now, instead of being grumpy with my friend, instead of judging him as irresponsible, I found myself wondering if maybe he was subconsciously following whispers of Guidance to postpone our project together?

Goodness knows I didn’t want to do this project either. If we had both pushed through our resistance that day, might we have had an accident?

No way we’ll ever know of course. But I’m noticing I have a much healthier respect now for myself and anyone else listening to their Guidance. Me, the intuitive, you wouldn’t think I’d need this lesson one more time, but I did.

Hear No Evil

My Not Listening to Guidance

Way back in 1997, I began to hear Guidance to slow down, to be more in the moment, to spend more time with people I cared about.

I had just taken my three teenage children and moved out of the home we’d shared with my husband for 20 years. Two weeks later, sitting at the traffic light at the bottom of a freeway exit ramp, I got hit by kids in a stolen truck going100 mph being chased by the police.

They said they’d smashed into me on purpose, thinking their big truck could blow my little car out of their way like in the movies. In order to hit me, they had to screech around the car behind me and swerve back in from the side. It was so obvious to me that this was not just a random accident. Only Divinity could have made such arrangements.

As you can imagine, I had trouble explaining to the police that this was ‘my’ accident because I hadn’t been listening. Guidance was telling me to slow down and I’m saying, “Yes, but how can I, with 3 kids, a spiritual counseling/healing practice and having just moved into a new home and a new life?”

I felt like I was juggling a dozen balls at once and they’re telling me to slow down? I’m telling Guidance, “I hear you but I don’t know how.” And Guidance comes back and shows me, “Oh, no problem, we’ll show you how.”

So forget “slow down.” I had a near-death experience, woke up in the hospital, and my life came to a stand-still for the better part of a year.

I’ve come to learn this: If you don’t listen when Guidance starts telling you something, knowing actions speak louder than words, they’ll get louder and louder until you run out of choices. And then the message will take over your life and smack you in the face.

I tried to tell my friends. Learn from what happened to me; you can avoid such hard lessons by listening more carefully.

angel looking down

My Second Lesson

But alas, very slowly, bit by bit, I began to slide back into my old ways. And then, 10 years later, once again something happened to bring my life crashing to a halt.

In 2008 I got bitten by a tick and contracted several debilitating illnesses as a result. For a couple of those years I was literally laid flat. We had to put me in a wheelchair to take me out.

You can always tell why something is in your life by looking at the results of it being there. Here I was once again, bedridden, not just slowed down, but ground to a halt. 

As I lay there, I couldn’t help but notice the parallels with my old accident. Six years later, I am almost all well and I have been beginning to speed up my life again.

And now this, my brother-in-law’s accident. So I’m saying to myself and everyone else, whatever Guidance has been whispering in your ear, his accident is a gift reminder for us all.

Do we always need to learn things the hard way, for ourselves? Or can we pay close enough attention, watch Guidance at work in others’ lives and take a lesson from them?

Carefully listening,


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