What is the basis for illness?

What gifts are being brought to us through our various ailments or simply uncomfortable situations in our life? We can examine these issues, noting how Guidance will give us many opportunities in life to deal with an issue we came in planning on working with. When we repeatedly sweep it under the rug, Guidance will bring it back to us, again and again, each time in a stiffer and finally harsher way, until we have no choice but to look it in the face … which brings us to “surrender”.

Surrender does NOT mean giving up. It means allowing what is, to just be, while being fully present, being the observer of Self, without trying to change it, without needing to be in control. It means trusting that the universe is a beneficent place, and that our lives and the lives of those we love are always unfolding in the way that most benefits us and them at the Soul level, even if it doesn’t look that way to our personality.

Healing is an exploration of Self, in the context that only 5% of our minds are conscious and the remaining 95% is the subconscious. Therefore, any significant shifts we’d like to make in our health or in our life must come from the subconscious level. What shifts would you like to see in your health, your life? Please stop and take some time with this process. To help those changes come about, ask your Self, “What belief and old patterns I may not be aware of, must be in place in my subconscious mind in order to produce the current pattern in my outer life?”

When you find an issue you’d like to work with, you may use the short meditation in the Launch issue of this magazine to bring yourself down into the subconscious level where we can effect real change. Then keep meditating on your own, asking for that change to better not only your own life, but all of humanity and all of creation as well. Patiently, one layer at a time, like the many-petaled lotus, we come to this place again and again until the blossoming in our intertwined Soul/Body comes fully forth.

Much love to all,

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