Gay Lynn

With Cari’s vision, guidance and healing talents, major blocks have cleared around my core issues, facilitating my life-transformation from dis-ease, grief and suffering into well-being, purpose and happiness.

-Rev. Gay Lynn Saunders, D.C. . . . Holistic Chiropractic Physician and Essene Minister


Of all the healers I’ve been to in the last 15 years, I trust Cari the most. I feel safe on every level. As a result of her work, I have stopped taking many pills, feeling better and more peaceful. The lupus is affecting my body less and my rash has subsided.

-Adva Mey . . . M.A. Trainer and Healer

Yan Gorman, Technical Project Manager

“Through my sessions with Cari, I’ve experienced deep transformational changes within myself. It was like I had been walking through my days in a state of perpetual fog. Now, everywhere I look, colors are brighter and more vivid, and the entire world feels more alive, as if the universe itself is winking at me. Cari has given me a profound underlying shift in my perspectives, and for that I am eternally and humbly grateful.”

Lisa Woolf, Clairvoyant for Criminal Divisions

“I had a huge breakthrough with Cari after many years of all types of therapy. I have been teaching spiritual guidance for more than 25 years. My work with Cari has taught me to find freedom in relating to life patterns and subsequently altered my own reality in a remarkable way. Life is sweet! Thank you Cari.”

A.C. Student

“Cari Alter has radically altered my universe. My work with her has made my reality indescribably brighter. Sessions with Cari feel to me like gateways to other worlds– worlds in which life is more lucid, joyful and light. I consider her to be one of the angels of my life.” :) . . . A.C., Student, Novato, CA