Grow Your Inner Light Now! Tele-Class Series

Heart - Grass

Engage your spiritual potential
Get better results and attract the right people
Refresh and regroup spiritually to empower your life


I will tune into the energy of each person on the call. Individual energy healings will take place, amplified by the power of group energy.


Join Cari in a one-hour telephone meeting each month full of:
* Heart-centered spiritual insights and guidance
* A meditation to power up the momentum of your life
* Uncover the hidden spiritual laws governing your existence
* Live your life more from your heart; sweeten your relationships
* Practices to smooth your life’s rough edges
* Replace patterns holding you back to achieve what you’ve been wanting
* Get your spiritual questions answered


The effects are cumulative and continue to build month by month. When I first started meditating, I couldn’t even sit for 10 minutes. After my spiritual download in 1994, the meditations began to come and “get” me, leaving me little choice. I found that the longer I meditated, the deeper I went and the more inner gifts began to open up to me.


What people are saying:
“What is quite beautiful about the teleseminars is that I am making space to be open to other dimensions that I know are a part of me…my own mind-chatter goes to sleep while I am listening to Cari’s soft and seductive voice take me to a quiet zone where my own wisdom can emerge. Between listening to her teleseminar and also to the recent meditation in her Inner Light Gazette newsletter I gained clarity on what was troubling me…having to do with trust issues related to a person in my life. This insight would not have happened so quickly and easily without the support of Cari’s meditations. I am looking forward to continuing the series!” Ghwendolyn…Tiburon, CA


I hope you have been enjoying the short 8-12 min. meditations on the Inner Light Gazette Magazine. In this class you will be able to go much deeper without the short time constraint and we will cover much life-changing material. There will be a question and answer period at the end of each call. Please join me in opening to your life potential with this one hour tele-class series.


Monthly Telephone meetings:
First Tuesday of each month., 7-8pm PST
*** You will get a link to the recording for the month ***


Tele-Class Subscription: $19.97 each month

(You may unsubscribe at any time)

Current Tele-Class Only: $27