Custom Meditation Video for your personal issues or your business website

Buddha w Apples

1. Would you like to self-help through repeated short meditations?

2. Do you have a business website that would communicate your message better with a guided visualization or meditation video on it?

3. Or maybe you have a friend or family member with an urgent health, career or personal issue and you’d like to gift them a personalized meditation?
After a professional friend asked me to design a meditation video for her website, I realized many people might like a meditation designed personally for them, just the way they want it.

8-12 min. Personalized Guided Visualization or Meditation Video $177

Please call me by phone to talk about what you want done and what tone you’d like, such as business-like versus spiritually based, and we can discuss the before and after title screens.

I can place your video on youtube privately (so only those you give the link to can see it) or publicly (for business, for example,where anyone can see it). You would set up the youtube account yourself, or I could suggest someone to do that for you inexpensively.

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