Oracle Morning Guidance

Cari White IndoorsPeople have been loving these morning readings to clarify the day or week ahead. We begin the program with you sharing your heart’s desires. Each day I will tune into your energy structure, patterns and underlying ambiance, do a reading, hear messages from your guides, and send you a short email with a contemplation and/or practice to keep you heading toward those desires in a spiritually expansive manner.

Though not necessary, you may choose a theme, such as relationship, career, or anything else, if you’d like.
Every day when we wake up life begins anew. Our day is colored by our thoughts and dreams while we were sleeping, whether or not we remember them, and whether or not we realize it. We get busy in the business of life and we may lose focus and forget to invest our goals and desires with our energy to breathe life into them.

The Personalized Oracle Program will keep your progress steady and aligned with creating the life you’ve been wanting.

On your first day, we will begin with a short 15 min. session in which you can tell me what you’d most like to work on and what you think your greatest obstacles have been. You may wish to have this prepared in advance, as the time goes fast.


You may email me questions throughout the program. You may want to keep them brief as I will be reading them during your morning session and I want to make sure I also have time to receive the guidance intended to be shared with you each day.


Starting each day at this level of engagement is
an unusual opportunity for transformation.

All the minutes I will spend each day tuning into your energy, hearing from your guides and sending you your contemplation will add up to roughly twice the value. I am only taking 6 clients in the 3 day programs each month.
Oracle Testimonials:

“Wow, today I was sitting there wondering how it is this thing called love is felt. Powerful stuff, this day, your reading. This is SO COOL! I want to have daily oracle forever!! ❤”
~ Dr. Michelle Veneziano, D.O.

“Cari, your wisdom is so simple and elegant, each reading resonating so clearly with a cherished aspect of my being so easily overlooked by me. These are eternal truths delivered to my mailbox everyday that I will hold forever and refer to time and time again with hope of becoming as insightful as you in recognizing my true soul essence. Thank you for sharing such a loving gift with me.”
~ Amari Gold, Certified Oneness Trainer & Atlas Balancer


Two Personalized Oracle Programs:

1. 4 Mondays, value $200 $97
2. 4 Weeks MWF 12 readings, value $600 $297


2 Plan Choices:

1. Four Mondays to set the tone for the week (4 per month).Value: $200 $97

Buy Now: $97

2. Three days each week, Mon., Wed., Fri. (12 total per month). Value: $600 $297

A. Buy Now: $297


B. Or Pay in 2 Installments:


Pay 1/2 now, and 1/2 in 2 weeks
Number of payments 2
Start payments
Due* Amount
At checkout $148.50 USD
Every 2 weeks (x 1) $148.50 USD
Total $297.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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