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inner-logoOne winter evening almost 20 years ago, I was to pick up an out-of-town friend from mutual friends on a street corner in San Francisco.

Apparently they were running late (pre-cell phone) and I had to wait with uncertainty on that dimly lit corner in the chill winter wind.

At first I was a little uneasy standing there, shivering against the wind. But as my wait wore on, I began to people-watch. Since this was a newly awakening skill for me at that time, I only gradually realized I could see the energy fields of the passers-by.

Some were very colorful, some were monochromatic, some were very tight, some were playful. The varieties were endless. I could read the fields of relationship as couples chatted together. I completely forgot I was cold.

I ended up standing on that street corner for over a half hour. When my friends finally arrived, instead of being physically cold and grumpy, I was warm, cheerful and energized.

This was when I first realized that I am my own entertainment factory, available to me at all times. And you, you have this ability too, even though you may not yet know how to access it.

Imagine now instead, if I had had my iPhone. I probably would have been standing there checking my email or even Facebook and completely missed the rich experience I had had.

Or I might have gotten caught up in a different kind of “entertainment”, that of spiraling deeper and deeper into my thoughts…thoughts about the past or the future, one thought leading to another like the bread crumb trail left by the wicked witch to trap Hansel and Gretel…definitely a recipe for cold and grumpy by the time my friends showed up.
Still Moment

How to Develop Your Inner Entertainer

A first step to developing your inner entertainer is to stop having someone else provide your entertainment, at least not all the time. That awareness inside you knows your attention is taken and goes to sleep, until you don’t remember how to entertain yourself anymore.

When I got divorced a lifetime ago, I got rid of the TV, which I felt was a major player in our separation. I felt it lulled us and dulled us, ate up our time and made it even harder to discuss charged topics.

It took my 3 teenagers at least a month to escape their TV addiction and figure out how to fill their time. My 13 year-old daughter would come home from playing at her friends’ houses and say, “Mom, they don’t know what to do without the TV. We all just  sit and watch it the whole time.”

To this day, we still don’t have TV in our home. I know it’s addictive and I’m not disciplined enough to turn it on for one good show and then off again.

If you like TV, perhaps you might want to check out what it is that makes you like it. I mean, what’s going on under the superficial reason you will come up with at first? Is there some part of your life it helps you go numb to? Often it’s the question that’s so hard to answer, “How can I live bigger, be more who I came here to be? And who did I come here to be anyway?”

As anyone who’s been reading this magazine knows, this is the most stressful time I’ve ever had in my life due to the way my family members’ problems are currently intertwining with my own life. I notice that we are watching way more movies than we usually do.

It’s pretty easy to see that the movies help me escape my problems for a couple of hours. When I’m caught up in my problems, I am thrown out of the present and into “what-if” and “if only.” And where does my inner entertainer live? In the present moment of course!

If you are willing to stay in the present, just waiting patiently with alertness, if you stay out of your mind, focus on feeling into the atoms of your body, your room or the trees outdoors, something will arise to engage you. If your mind is already full with thoughts, if you are already watching TV, the cup is full with no room for divine nectar.

In the silent present, guidance will come. For entertainment you may get a guided urge to revisit a mountain trail, research a new topic, play a musical instrument, draw, paint, write, create an art project, woodwork, take time to deepen a friendship, develop your meditation practice, or receive an energy transmission. The creative muse is closer than you may think, but may only show up when your mind is still.

The list of possibilities is endless, but what they all have in common is your connection with your larger Self, your freeing up of time usually taken up with entertainment by others, leaving it empty to invite guidance in.

And inner peace comes from that silent present moment. It comes from you being with You. I can help myself and you can help yourself. A more satisfying and yes, entertaining, life awaits. Your life is waiting for you.

Practicing Presence 

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