Healing Experts

On this page you will find people whose work I love and recommend. I hope you will check them out and see if you feel they could add value to your life the way they have added value to mine. Happy, healthy days, Cari

Cari Alter

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In 1973, I went into the health food business with local and imported handcrafts. When I started receiving direct intuitive guidance myself in 1994, I intensified my studies with many well-known leaders in the personal growth, spiritual and energy healing fields, and in my own personal practice. (more info about Cari’s education under “About” on the menu bar)

All the studying I have done, and a near-death experience in 1997, laid the ground-work for the intuitive counseling and healing knowledge that I receive. Intuitive information and healing energy transmissions produce deep spiritual, emotional and/or physical changes in my clients’ lives in fabulous ways. My intention is that the same will happen for you just by reading this magazine and participating in the meditations and energy healings that you will find here. www.insightguidance.com

David Kitts, L.Ac.

photo 1David Kitts, L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist, in practice since 1987, helping clients release pain, trauma and disease. In addition to classical acupuncture and Asian medical health counseling, he is skilled in acupuncture without needles. “I use intention and the ability to focus customized frequencies of light into needle shapes. I place these in acupuncture points and achieve the same or better results as with traditional metal needles. This modality is ideal for sensitive people and children.”

In 2000 he added Soul Structure Healing to his work: “I use my specially trained senses and intention to release injury, old trauma and congestion in the anatomy of your energy-soul body. This helps you to achieve a much more complete health, and ease and to express your authentic nature.”

David founded the Community Wellness Center in Fairfax, CA in Jan. 2011 and works with healing practitioners of all modalities to help bring affordable holistic healthcare to all. His passion is to spread this model nation-wide.

My experience is that David’s healing skills are unique. I have had amazing healing results from his work, including a profound release of my lifelong issue of “overwhelm” through his Soul Structure Healing work. I am grateful to be able to share his healing skills with you through healing videos. You may call him at 415-269-0885 or contact him through his website: www.davidkitts.com


Kathleen Casey

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Kathleen is a Master Gong Player, whose concerts and ancestor work I find greatly healing. Soon after her last child was born, she apprenticed to an alternative healer in Taos, NM. Until ten years ago, she had been involved in both business and in healing and transformational work. Her focus is on wholeness rather than healing, and on the alchemy that refines us so that we can consciously live from our true nature.

Her business background includes creating large networking events in several cities, while in the hospitality industry, working as a business consultant, training employees in communication and conflict resolution, and becoming a certified mediator. She has also taught autogenic standard training, which helps bring the autonomic nervous system into balance.

Over the last ten years I have seen her learning to live in a way our culture does not yet understand, and that process keeps deepening each day. The practices she uses assist her to identify with and make choices from her Essential Self rather than from the memories, imprints and patterns which make up her personality. She says she is always her own client first. I consider her one of my models.

Kathleen offers sound experiences, practices and intuitive coaching/counseling as a catalyst and support for your journey to wholeness, happiness and true freedom. What she doesn’t say is that some people, such as myself, get transported to our deepest depths during one of her healings or concerts. I find them quite ecstatic. Kathleen will contribute short versions of her sound healings from time to time on this website. She is a fount of great wisdom.

If you would like to check out her website: www.soundalchemykc.com

Please let her know you saw her here.


Marie Endres

Marie EndresFinding Marie changed my life. I had been sick for 8 years with unexplained inflammation and pain in my muscles and most joints. Doing fabulous Craniosacral and Lymphatic Massage, she has been able to help my body detox, move out much of the inflammation and greatly reduce my level of pain. I’ve gone from shuffling to walking. Yay! If you have any inflammation, swelling or joint pain, I highly recommend her work.

Marie has been in private practice since 1998. She received her Visionary Craniosacral Work (TM) Certification from the Milne Institute, Inc. She has assisted teaching nearly all of the classes.

Marie holds an Associate degree in Mental Health and a Bachelors degree in Social Work. She is trained in Oncology Massage by Isabel Adkins who is the Director and Supervisor of the Oncology Massage Program at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital.

She received her Lymphatic Facilitation training from Dale Perry at the Davis Massage Institute in 2004.

Marie says Lymphatic Massage speeds injury recovery from sports, accident or surgery, cleanses the colon, liver and spleen, boosts immune functioning, increases recovery of the nerves, muscles and skin, and is beneficial for colds, arthritis, allergies, sinuses and colitis. She explains combining Lymphatic Facilitation with Craniosacral Work optimizes the inner healing forces.

Call her at 530-756-2771 for a free 20-30 min. consultation.
Her website is www.MarieEndres.com (in Marin County and Davis, CA)