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Move Like an Animal


Be pain-free for life!

When I first met Ed, a Holistic Health Advisor, we discovered we both knew the miracles of somatic bodywork. I loved hearing how he was taking it professionally to a more user-friendly level than what I’d seen before.

Ed, how did you discover this kind of work?

It came from a 30 year pain journey. I was just in my 20’s. For 17 years I was in a constant state of chronic pain from fibromyalgia…minute by minute, year by year. My vision was blurring, I couldn’t sleep, I was getting stiffer and tighter. I tried every medication, every alternative therapy and diet. I was told to “Do nothing,” which actually made it worse.

Finally I discovered somatic training and began to get relief. I got out of pain myself and began to sequence movements for my friends to help them. Then I tore my meniscus and was scheduled for surgery.

I still didn’t realize I was involved with “pandiculation,” rather than exercise. It’s different. It’s not about doing more repetitions. It’s about learning to move better. I was able to reverse my injury and no longer needed surgery.

I began to see animals naturally using what I was learning. Even your cat is not “stretching.” He’s contracting certain muscles to relax his body. Tiny micro movements, adjustments, take place and set the tension levels back to normal. Babies actually do this in the womb.

Once I saw a squirrel fall out of a tree. He “pandiculated” (a stretching and stiffening especially of the trunk and extremities (as when fatigued and drowsy or after waking from sleep)) and walked off like nothing happened.

I work with horses too. Even they are trained to move in unnatural ways. I move their limbs with my hands and they get totally relaxed. They remember how to let go and walk more easily; the rider can feel the difference.

Using these movements, we retrain the brain, begin to restore the body, release stresses and rekindle our relationship to our own body. It is our birthright to be well.

I love the idea of copying how animals take care of their own bodies in the wild. What’s the structure of the book?

I give 3 simple steps to get people knowing what to look for, what to feel for. We are re-educating the brain back to our youthful self. I give pictures and detailed explanations of the postures. There are instructions for special situations like too much sitting at the computer, being too amped up, having physical or emotional trauma, etc.

I know it’s very individual, but what kind of results do people tend to get?

Typically, people will feel more relaxed, flexible, breathe easier, regain balance and mobility, feel more grounded. Their overall state of well being improves. They become more sensitive to discomfort so can catch it early and self-adjust before it becomes a problem lodged in the body.

This is after all, The Inner Light Gazette, Quiet Moments for Busy People. Aside from helping people get out of physical pain, are there any metaphysical effects?

As their body relaxes, they may begin to open and find they’re more intuitive. They seem more aware on many levels. We re-educate the brain and body to work together more harmoniously.

I have a number of friends who have fibromyalgia, which I know this work healed for you. What about things like sciatica, neck pain, disk problems, and typical aches and pains?

Most of these things are easily addressed. The work won’t fix illnesses like MS, but it can greatly increase comfort.

We are by nature self adjusting organisms. When we have a lot of stress, we “hunker down,” cells and tissues begin to withdraw. Moving like an animal opens the body up. In normal exercises, we try to force the body to open, which just makes it tighten further. These movements are the opposite of normal exercises. We want to go with what the body is doing to allow it to release.

Wow, a lifetime of support to be pain-free in 3 simple steps and now, this weekend only, your Kindle book is only $2.99. Thanks, Ed, what a gift!

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