Your Inner Entertainer

inner-logoOne winter evening almost 20 years ago, I was to pick up an out-of-town friend from mutual friends on a street corner in San Francisco.

Apparently they were running late (pre-cell phone) and I had to wait with uncertainty on that dimly lit corner in the chill winter wind. More »

Clear Heart, Happy Heart. Uh, Where’s My Heart?

Restoring Your HeartWe all have grief in our hearts, whether it’s grief over something unfolding right now, as we speak, or grief over something that happened long ago, or even grief over the state of the world, the suffering of humanity and of our Mother Earth and all her creatures.
And this time appears to be particularly intense for many people. More »

Create Your Life Anew

Create Your Life AnewWhat’s the surest way to have a Happy New Year? We know Resolutions rarely work. Ah, but solidifying your practice connecting within, Being and living your divine Self, that’s where the payoff comes. But how do we do this? More »

I Choose Joy; It’s Easy For You Too

I Choose JoyYears ago, when my mother was in the last year of her life, I felt she, like my dad before her, began to be enlightened in so many ways. When I would call, she would exclaim in pure joy, “Ah, Cari!!”

It felt so good. Her joy flew out of her and swirled around me like a bird, lightening and brightening my heart. More »

Living Proof (3 min to read)

Living ProofIs it true? We all hear the New Age truism, “You create your own reality.” Well, I am living proof of its truth and you are as well. If we just adjust our frame of mind a little, it becomes self-evident. More »

Unseen Blessings (3.6 min to read)


I have the best friends on Facebook. They make the best spiritual and introspective posts, many of which I share on along with my own thoughts. But this time, something happened where I didn’t know what to reply to a “comment” and sat with it long enough to birth this essay. More »

Claim your Freedom (3.25 min to read)

Claim Your FreedomIn the last magazine, Blindsided by Flamingos, I spoke of a couple of events in one day where I was so focused on what I was doing that I misinterpreted some visual cues to what was happening. Clearly I had lost presence and was in my head.
More »

Guerilla Blessings (3.5 min to read)

Cari White IndoorsWhat do you have that grows bigger when you give it away? Blessings!

What does this mean? Blessings are every little thing you have in your life to feel grateful for: every sweet moment with friends, family or strangers, every morsel of food that passes your lips, your warm bed if you have one, that you’ve survived another day if you don’t have one, More »