“Down? Put a little Lovin’ In Your Heart” (3.5 min.)

inner-logoThe other day I quite suddenly got engulfed by a deep debilitating Depression. I couldn’t do anything but just sit there. It owned me.
Being a basically happy person, this had never happened to me before. Not that I hadn’t had a slow undercurrent of creeping depression at times, but this was way different, so sudden and all-encompassing. More »

Riding On the Silence Was Ecstasy ( 3.5 min.)

inner-logoLast night I had a dream. My sister and I were living in my mother’s big house. My sister had music playing all the time. Hour after hour, day after day. It droned on in the background all the time.

“Can we turn the music off,” I asked?

“Nooo!” said my sister, irritated. “Just leave it on. You won’t even notice it after awhile.” More »

The Fallacy of Surrender

inner-logoIt wasn’t until the bitter end, when the wounded and dying numbers were too great, all hope had been dashed and despair set in, that the defeated army would put up the white flag on the battlefield to signal Surrender. More »

Tangled Up In Good

inner-logoWe are all trying to be so good. It becomes as unconscious as breathing. If only we could really “get” that no trying to be good is necessary or even useful.

Case in point, the set up:

The other day my partner David snapped at me. I am so very sensitive. There was a time, not long ago, when this More »

Am I You?

inner-logoLast week I had a client who had the same obsession with doing things the “right” or “best” way that I find in myself. Two days later, I had a client who not only had two of my personal physical challenges, but also was impacted in her family by the same physical challenge my sister had that affected my own family life growing up. Three issues in just one client!

What’s going on? More »

When the Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

inner-logoLast week I was talking with a gifted woman who had encountered some extreme problems in the process of sharing her gifts. I “heard” from my guidance in my head to offer her a free session.

So I did. I willingly offered her a free half hour, which she appreciated. Done.

But then I got corrected; More »

Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?

inner-logo“All I want is a room somewhere
Far away from the cold night air
With one enormous chair
Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly?”

(My Fair Lady – Wouldn’t It Be Loverly? Lyrics ‘ MetroLyrics)

Yes, quite loverly. And even lovelier is when we can access that as an inner room, More »

Feeding the Siren Song of Procrastination

cari-alter-4I know I’ll still be up at 1 am writing today’s magazine. Why? Usually the new issue starts coming to me a week in advance and it is my delight to let the weaving of thoughts escape into a Word doc.

Instead I found myself writing the flyer for a near-death talk and channeling More »

Whispers of Guidance

Foundational MeditationHaving agreed to help a friend with a dreaded project, I cleared my calendar and put in weeks of research on his behalf. At the very last minute, 11:30 pm the night before our appointment, he texted to postpone it all until the next week, with no explanation.

Had this happened even a week earlier, I would have been really irritated with him, since I had rearranged my life to help him. I might even have fallen into the “He always” trap. More »

What Brings You Present?

Foundational MeditationI used to feel bad for my parents, growing up in the Great Depression. Their issues were whether they could buy food and toilet paper, keep a roof over their head, not whether they were reaching their full potential. Several days ago, my 99 year old ex-mother-in-law passed over More »