Ed Barrera “Move Like An Animal”


Move Like an Animal


Be pain-free for life!

When I first met Ed, a Holistic Health Advisor, we discovered we both knew the miracles of somatic bodywork. I loved hearing how he was taking it professionally to a more user-friendly level than what I’d seen before. More »

Suey Irvine – Healer Evolving

sueyirvine“I loved this book, Healer Evolving. It was both funny and profound. I cried often from both the courageous determination necessary in a human life and the beauty of moving through it with humor intact. Suey models how being present to our emotions brings perceptiveness, which then brings healing.”  Cari

… a story of love, courage, and breakthroughs. A woman’s search for alternative therapies for her son becomes a spiritual journey. More »