Breaking the Myths of Reality

Live the Magic! Expand Your Inner Light. The MP3 Download Contents:

  • How Cari Suddenly Became an Intuitive Healer
  • What Quantum Physics Can Tell Us About Reality
  • Standard “Definitions” of Reality
  • Multiple Realities
  • Non-Dreams
  • The “Noosphere” Surrounding the Planet
  • The “Hundredth Monkey” Effect
  • Morphogenetic Fields
  • Cari’s Own Near-Death Experience
  • Alternate Dimensions
  • Guides and Angels
  • The “Inn Keeper”
  • Concepts of God
  • Guided Meditation, deepening and expanding

Reviews: “I accentuatedly, accentuatedly, loved, loved, loved your meditation visualization. I thought it was one of the best I’ve ever done. That’s not an easy place for me to go and that was the loveliest one that I’ve ever experienced.” Laurinda Gilmore Graves, CMT and Emotional Release Therapist. “Informative to the point that you could feel your body change as you listen.” Rev. Delorise “Momma” Lucas, Spiritual Teacher and Healer “Cari’s words and spiritual presence brought me into a deeper experience of who I am.” Kathleen Casey, founder, Spirit in Business “Cari wove science and spirituality together in a way that I could hear. She challenged, expanded and released my concept of reality.” Suey Irvine, Feng Shui Consultant and author of the book: Healing Quest