I am so happy you have come to read this page and find out about me! My passion is sharing my intuitive and healing gifts which come blossoming out of me when other people ask me questions or present a difficult issue they’re dealing with. I am thrilled that my work has been able to help so many get a deeper, clearer sense of how to be in their own life in a healthy way that nurtures themselves and those around them, bringing them the life they’ve been wanting.

My goal is that simply reading and participating with this online magazine regularly, even just a few minutes at a time, will cumulatively, effortlessly, over the months, bring you the same healing you would receive in a private healing session.

My life after college led me to own a natural food, Mexican import and local handcraft store in the SF Bay Area. I never imagined that in 1994 I would start receiving intuitive and healing guidance directly. In 1995 and for many years afterwards, I intensified my studies with many well-known leaders in the personal growth and energy healing fields, and in my own personal practice.

All the studying I have done, and a near-death experience in 1997 in a major car accident, have laid the ground-work for the intuitive counseling and healing knowledge that I receive. Information and healing energy transmissions come through me to each client, with deep spiritual, emotional and/or physical effects that change my clients’ lives in fabulous ways. Again, my intention is to bring those gifts forward in this magazine in the form of insightful essays, meditations and healings. I will also showcase other healers and organizations whose work I love.

This website holds past issues of the online magazine which will come to your inbox twice a month if you subscribe. When you subscribe, you will receive a FREE gift: “Thrilled to Be Alive! 3 Steps to Living the Life You Were Born to Live.”  My gift to you. I know it works because when I get stuck in my own life, I go back to this guide and get back on course. Enjoy!

For more details about my education and my teaching experience, please check out my personal website: www.insightguidance.com and click on “Bio” on the top menu bar.