Insight Guidance ♥ Couples Package: Transform Your Relationship Now

* Honest
* Sexy
* Fun
* Respectful
* Clear Communication

Spiritual principles empower your relationship and bring more intimacy to your lives together.

Get a fresh approach to your relationship issues using the hidden universal laws that really run your lives … with fabulous results.

This is not “he did this, she did that” kind of counseling. This is powerful work done parallel but together, uncovering the gears that grind between you.

Both sessions will be 1-1.5 hrs long, 2 weeks apart. This will anchor the gains you’ll be making and sets an intention that enhances our work together. If possible, it is best to allow 1/2 hr. downtime afterwards to integrate the work we’ve done. This is a good time to go for a walk, sit quietly together or separately, or maybe journal.

I look forward to sharing the gift of this work with you.

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