When the Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

inner-logoLast week I was talking with a gifted woman who had encountered some extreme problems in the process of sharing her gifts. I “heard” from my guidance in my head to offer her a free session.

So I did. I willingly offered her a free half hour, which she appreciated. Done.

But then I got corrected; I heard she really would need a full session to help with this issue.

Dragging my feet a little at a second and third prompt, I did then expand my gift to her to a full hour session.

What happened next caught me totally off guard: I felt inundated with a sense of being gifted and of feeling juicy and abundant.

I know this may just sound like rhetoric, but really, I already got just as big a gift in response. To top it off, she then offered me a session with her own work which I’m sure I’ll find helpful.

This really got my attention. Such an influx of spirit and a sense of generosity came into me that it changed the flavor of the whole day. I bathed in it and let it sink in.

If some is good, more is better?

As I enjoyed the glow, I wondered how I could bring this experience in more often. I searched online and I found, “To give is human. To receive is Divine.” Ah, now we’re getting somewhere.

Although I had given the first half hour session freely, it wasn’t until I was directed to give a whole hour that I realized there had been a certain stinginess in my gift…because an hour is how long I usually work.

Stingy. Some part of me wants to say, “No…bad. Bad.”

However, leaving that self-indulgence aside (self-indulgence because the mind never wants to miss an opportunity to point out when it thinks I’m bad) it’s not about good or bad at all. Let’s just look at what went on.

What really happened was that in the letting go of that stingy feeling (which, remember, I hadn’t even realized I had), a release came over my body, a letting go at the cellular level…and in rushed Divine energy that my own unconscious cellular contractions were keeping away!

Just imagine that you live in a sea of Divine abundance and delight, because you do. But as a little child, to stay safe when confronted by the confusing and sometimes abusive world, you constructed walls and dams all over the place, to keep this and that out, far away, to keep this and that in, sacred, untouched by those mean or unpredictable ‘others.’

Waking up, opening up, becomes all about being willing to let your guard down, to let those dams and walls crumble, to be willing to be vulnerable. We can’t guard against fear, fear of not having or being enough, fear of being hurt, emotionally or physically, fear of dying, etc., without closing out this Divine sea that we live in, a sea full of juicy abundance, dancing energies of joy, encompassings and saturations of love.

Full Glasses
So what else is new?

Well, okay, you probably already knew that, at least at some level. But do you wonder, really, what will protect us if we let down our barriers?

The crazy thing is that this very normal concern is talking about apples when the answer isn’t more different kinds of apples; it’s oranges.

How do we simply not engage with the convictions of the mind? It seems fairly obvious that if you’re not protected, bad stuff will happen, right?

But what if it’s not true? What if when your glass is already full, there’s no more room? What if you were to let the walls and dams dissolve, let Divinity rush in, and let your glass be already full, with no room left for everything you feared?

To catch this dynamic happening inadvertently, as I did with my gifting story, is for me the key. You can hear the ideas, you can understand the concepts. But the only way your cells are going to really understand this at any useful level is to catch it happening in your own life.

And this (drum roll please), is why you will hear me saying, over and over again, the greatest key of all is to be the Observer of your own self. If you’re not keenly watching what comes up on the inside, you just plain won’t notice as these things happen, as the energies come into your body, as delight permeates your world.

If you just keep keeping on, it will all quickly fade and you will have missed the gift in the moment.

May the pleasures of Divine living be the undercurrent of your life,

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