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sueyirvine“I loved this book, Healer Evolving. It was both funny and profound. I cried often from both the courageous determination necessary in a human life and the beauty of moving through it with humor intact. Suey models how being present to our emotions brings perceptiveness, which then brings healing.”  Cari

… a story of love, courage, and breakthroughs. A woman’s search for alternative therapies for her son becomes a spiritual journey.

I first met Suey Irvine in 1996 when we were both studying energy healing with Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere at her Healing Light Center Church. We immediately became good friends. She has given me countless excellent healings and Feng Shui advice where I have been very impressed with the results. So naturally I looked forward to reading her new book, Healer Evolving.

This is a unique book, written in a unique style which will bring you a unique experience. At first it seemed to me that experience was of Suey’s life, but then I began to notice how I felt changed, more compassionate for my own life from having read it.

Suey Irvine is a Minister of Healing, a Feng Shui consultant, an electrical engineering graduate, and a mother. The healing work she did with her son, referenced in the book, was front page, national, and international news. She lives on the central coast of California where she practices her healing arts.

Cari: “ Suey, how does your book help busy people feel more quiet in their lives?”

Suey: “What I can say is, that I’ve gotten feedback that my book helped people stay more present in their lives by modeling how to find the humor in difficult situations.”

Cari: “I did love all the humor in your book. What do you do in your own life to help you stay centered when facing life’s challenges?”

Suey: “I watch my thought patterns. If I see it’s my thoughts that are getting me bogged down, I change them. I plug in affirmations.”

Cari: “Can you say more about that?”

Suey: “I look for, is there something about the situation that plugs me into something that happened before, maybe something in my childhood? Just noticing tends to shift it.”

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I hope you feel as enriched by this book as I did. Cari

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