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The Inner Light Gazette magazine lives here. My vision is that this magazine and website help us all step outside of our busy lives, to recapture the feeling of timelessness we had as children, lying in the grass seeing animal shapes in the clouds. Let it be an invitation to immerse yourself in quiet moments, enticing you Home, into your own Self, effortlessly, just a few moments at a time, with:

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Bonus Healing and Interview with One of Our Experts

3-5 min. video:
Desda Zuckerman
Returning Presence
Feel It Now!
Desda Zuckerman, Core Individuation Interview by Cari AlterINTERVIEW
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Move Like an Animal

Ed Barerra

Holistic Health Advisor

Move Like an Animal

and be pain-free for life!

Interview: 2 min. 50 sec.

When I first met Ed we discovered we both knew the miracles of somatic bodywork.
I loved hearing how he was taking it professionally to a more user-friendly level
than what I’d seen before.

Ed, how did you discover this kind of work?

It came from a 30 year pain journey. I was just in my 20’s. For 17 years I was in a constant state of chronic pain from fibromyalgia…minute by minute, year by year. My vision was blurring, I couldn’t sleep, I was getting stiffer and tighter. I tried every medication, every alternative therapy and diet. I was told to “Do nothing,” which actually made it worse.

Finally I discovered somatic training and began to get relief. I got out of pain myself and began to sequence movements for my friends to help them. Then I tore my meniscus and was scheduled for surgery.

I still didn’t realize I was involved with “pandiculation,” rather than exercise. It’s different. It’s not about doing more repetitions. It’s about learning to move better. I was able to reverse my injury and no longer needed surgery.  Read More

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